Why Leaders Should Hire Talent Search Firms

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How often has a vacancy in your organization (or day I say, your team) gone unfilled because hiring is time-consuming?  Most successful businesses dedicate the majority of their working time to their core genius and not those ancillary, but necessary, tasks like bringing on new staff.

Focusing on core business instead of hiring?  Makes perfect sense as staying relevant requires focus and attention.

  1. What should you do when a key member announces her departure or you want to take your firm to the next level by expanding your team?
  2. Hire a staffing/talent search support.

Here are a few quick reasons why hiring talent consulting companies like Valiant Strategic Solutions, LLC is a smart choice.

  1. Your Time = Money

The cost of a search is far outweighed by the benefit to an organization.  Think of the time staff normally spend recruiting, interviewing, screening and hiring staff.  Wouldn’t it be more profitable for them to focus on their areas of expertise?  Hiring great talent takes time and it’s much more cost-effective to have a professional leading this process while you and your staff focus on achieving your mission.

  1. Recruiting Requires Skill, Time and Networks

Staffing consultants specialize in connecting the right people with the right companies to maximize benefit to both.  Contracting with a firm gives you access to their expertise and connections to make the best selection.  They also focus on bringing you the best talent.

  1. The Gift Keeps on Giving

Not only can Valiant help create a hiring process that will help you select your next great team member, but we can build capacity of hiring managers to ensure a smooth and consistent process is employed for each new hire.  Competency-based screening and interviews can help you find candidates who are the best fit for your business.

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