Connecting People to Organizations (even on the weekends)

Connect in colorI met a young lady interested in joining my organization. She wasn’t a good fit for my team but I knew I could connect her to a great organization – she had a great go-getter attitude, was open to feedback, was a good writer and had impressive data analysis skills.

I agreed to coach her one Friday evening because I like to give back to committed young people. After discussing her skills and personality a bit more, I told her about an open role for which she’d be a perfect fit, suggested she apply and told her to contact to hiring manager (who I knew personally).

Fast forward one month. I check my email and what do I see? My young contact was interviewed, hired and began in the role last month. So far, she has done a great job and is an effective addition to the team.

Even in my free time, I’m making connections that lead to hires. Wouldn’t you like help finding the right people or finding your best next career move? Contact me for a complimentary Strategy Session to find out how we can work together.

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