Meet Melissa

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Melissa Johnson Smith helps business owners bounce back from or avoid burnout while growing businesses they love.

Melissa is a business strategist and the CEO of Valiant Strategic Solutions, LLC in Washington DC.  She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with concentrations in Management and Community Development from Howard University.  She is also a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) and holds a Master of Nonprofit Organizations from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH.

Melissa began pursuing entrepreneurship in 2013 when she realized she wanted to build a legacy for herself and her family.  Ready to learn and help others, she trained with several business coaches, millionaire mentors and pioneers to build her business.

Melissa launched her business to follow her passion of helping other people chase their dreams and grow something that would allow her flexibility + freedom.  After seeing several friends and family members start businesses that left them exhausted and separated from their original mission, she decided to combine her training with her natural ability to create strategies with her clients.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys traveling with her husband, laughing with her family, dreaming about the next big move and finding ways to better the lives of those around her.